SKG Booster Overdrive

Introducing the SKG Booster Overdrive!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by George Drakakis, a new pedal builder from Greece, and talked about doing a video on his SKG Booster Overdrive pedal. I was already aware of the pedal but never got the chance to play with it. The man was kind enough to send me one, so I put it through it's paces. 

I know the term has been overused but this pedal truly works as an extension to your amp's gain structure and retains the amp's feel. I would easily use it to push an amp where situations don't allow for a cranked tube amp or to simply add more gain.

The SKG would have been a wonderfull pedal even if it didn't have the three way tone selector switch, but it does, so we have to explore the options given.

  • Middle Position: This is what you'll use if you're looking for natural breakup. The pedal is really transperent in this position.
  • Low Position: A full range overloading boost asking for aggressive playing.
  • High: A really cutting sound with some Vox DNA. I'm a die hard delay user and this mode's high end focus really let's analog, echo and tape delays bloom behind it.

Overall, the SKG Booster Overdrive is a wonderfull pedal. Despite the minimalistic approach, it manages to deliver good tones and instant gratification. Definitely worth considering If you're looking for a transparent booster or if you are a fan of gain stacking.

SKG is currently available at ZAXOS Music Store.

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